Brite Smile Recovery

How much downtime can I expect after having Brite Smile? Will I need to avoid eating/drinking for a certain period of time? Or will I experience any pain or sensitivity after?

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Planning for Recovery after Teeth Whitening

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A large percentage of the population has little to no sensitivity after teeth whitening and can go about their day directly after their appointment. Your dentist will provide you with after care instructions and will indicate a suggested protocol if sensitivity occurs. Over-the-counter pain relievers generally help and sensitivity usually isn't long-lasting.

Zingers, sensitivity, discomfort, pain with teeth whitening

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Many patients have no sensitivity after an in-office whitening treatment.  There are several steps we can take in advance of the procedure to help minimize any post-procedure sensitivity.  However, a small percentage of patients are prone to have "zingers" (when you have one, you know why it's called that :-).  At worst, these patients can expect this sporadic reaction will not last more than 12 hours and usually a prescription pain med will easily get you through it.  Results are usually very significant and more than justify any sensitivity in the short term.  No known long-term side effects.

James A. Moreau, Jr., DDS
Mandeville Dentist

How to manage post op sensitivity from brite smile

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Wtih the brite smile procedure and other bleaching procedures we have a few tricks to minimize post op problems

1. If trays are provided then wear sensodyne toothpaste or prevident sensitive 30 min a night 2 days before and then a couple hours before the procedure to get maximum sensitivity protection

2. Take 600 mg ibuprofen 2 hours before procedure to premedicate 

3. The bleaching will dehydrate the teeth and sensitivity will occur, but wearing trays directly after with a desensitizing agent will minimize pain (as soon as the teeth rehydrate the problems will subside)

4. You may also want to brush with sensitive toothpaste up to 2 weeks prior to procedure

J. Willis Baker, DDS
Wichita Dentist

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Britesmile recovery is usually uneventful

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Most people report little to zero discomfort from the Britesmile treatment, and those that do experience it can manage with just over-the-counter medication.  Initially after treatment the teeth are more prone to stain, so for a few days avoid foods that would stain a white shirt (coffee, colas, red wine, etc).

You should not miss any work at all...

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