Brite Smile Complaints

What are the most common complaints with Brite Smile? Does it cause pain? Does it not last very long?

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Very strong whitening procedure

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Brite Smile uses hydrogen peroxide at about a 25% concentration. For comparison, you may have hydrogen peroxide in your medicine cabinet but it is only about 3% concentration. Crest Whitestrips and custom whitening trays made by your dentist are around a 10% concentration. The difference in concentration means a shorter application time for higher concentrations. Many people report a higher sensitivity with the higher concentrations as well. 

So it is all about balancing time/sensitivity to end up with similar results. Do you want your teeth whitened in one day adn don't care about the sensitivity? Would you have custom tray made to wear for 30 minutes each day with possible sensitivity? Would you rather wear something for sever hours but have little to no sensitivity? The choice is yours to discuss with your dnetist. 

Knoxville Dentist

Longevity of results

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The biggest complaint we see from our patients who have had this done elsewhere is that the results fade quickly.  The results were often disappointing to start with as well.

No Pain But Sensitivity

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There isn't any pain using Brite Smile. If you do experience pain however, you should stop treatment immediately and contact your dentist.

The most common complaint is the sensitivity. This is typical with teeth whitening procedures though and goes away naturally over time and by using good enamel strengthening toothpaste.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

Rebecca Schmorr, DDS
Raleigh-Durham Dentist

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Brite Smile complaints

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THe most common complaints after brits smile is that it wasn't as effective as the patient had hoped - color change is less than expected.  The other complaint is sensitivity and this can take several days to go away.  Sensitivity occurs when you have temperature change across your teeth especially drinking something hot or cold.

Common Britesmile issues

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The most common complaint is sensitivity. This generally only lasts for 24 hours. Other than that, no other significant problems have been reported.

Eric S. Weiner, DDS
Long Island Dentist

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