Are my gums receded too far for any realistic help? (photo)

Ive been without dental/medical insurance for a while and im unable to afford the deep cleaning that ive been told that i needed for so long. Im beyond self conscious and id love to have my teeth even halfway decent looking. Is there any hope?

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Periodontal Disease

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It seems as though your recession is secondary to the possible periodontal disease that you have. This disease is infectious and caused by bacteria that creates an inflammatory process that leads to bone loss. Once you lose bone, you lose blood supply to the gum and it eventually can recede down. Please have a full periodontal evaluation performed by a periodontist. 

Periodontal disease

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It is difficult to diagnose the extent of your periodtal didease and bone loss without xrays 

Your Photo shows tartar build up that I believe has pushed and moved teeth apart. This is because of bone loss between and around the teeth which has caused recession 

You will need to see a periodontist. 

Xrays and clinical exam will help to diagnose the extent of bone loss. From there the your periodontist could give you a porgnosis and traetment options 

Sometimes after a good deep cleaning, if not too much bone loss , braces could move teeth back together and then they could be splinted to make them more stable. 

The recession could not be completetly corrected because of the bone loss on the teeth. 

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