What Surgeries Do I Need to Fix the Problems I Dislike? Asymmetrical Face? (photo)

I have an asymmetrical face, my nose slants to the right and my jaw to the left, creating a zig zag shape across the front of my face. However the left side of my face in profile I am almost 100% happy with, I am very photogenic from this side. The other side however is a different story. My nostril is droopy, my cheekbones less defined. I wish to correct these problems but I do not wish to alter the left side. I want both sides to match and look nice, I dont want to look like someone else.

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Fixing facial asymmetry, what surgeries are needed.

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I need to see better photographs to determine what is causing the asymmetry. The symmetry can be better obtained once reviewing either your face or the photographs.

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