Would I be able to be treated via the NHS? (Photo)

i really need labiaplasty, this is causing me so much discomfort and stress is it worth going to the doctors?

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Thank you for sharing. Unfortunately labiaplasty isn't usually covered by any insurance companies.  Although an enlarged labia can be quite problematic, its not considered medically necessary.

Labiaplasty: Covered by NHS

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No, labiaplasty is not covered by the NHS. It is considered a cosmetic procedure and we recommend that you consult with an experienced Cosmetic and Vaginal Reconstructive Surgeon. Board certification in Plastic Surgery or Female Pelvic Medicine and Vaginal Reconstructive surgery does NOT mean that you have specific training and experience in labiaplasty or cosmetic vaginal surgery. There are many, many Board Certified Plastic Surgeons that have never done nor seen one labiaplasty in their entire career. Make sure that whoever you consult with is not only board certified in their specialty but also an EXPERT in Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery and travel if necessary to find this expertise. 

Dr Robert Moore

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Vaginal Surgery

Atlanta - Beverly Hills - Dubai

Robert D. Moore, DO
Atlanta Urogynecologist
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Candidate for a labiaplasty

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There is a trend to have less prominent labia, but this is a matter of choice and there are no medical reasons to do so other than improving your appearance down there. Candidates for a Labiaplasty procedure are women who are concerned about the appearance of their labia or experience discomfort due to exceptionally large or long labia of either the inner our outer lips. Labia unevenness can result in discomfort with intimate contact, chronic rubbing, as well as psychological discomfort, which leads to the inability to wear certain types of tight clothing. Most women live with these symptoms, and actually are not even aware that a certain surgical procedure exists to help to correct this problem and restore their femininity.

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Labiaplasty and insurance

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Thank you and I am sorry but at this current time, elective labiaplasties are not typically covered.  I would also most importantly do due a diligance and find a cosmetic surgeon that performs these on a regular basis.

Best of luck

Who should do my labiaplasty??

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This is so important. NHS docs, like "general Ob-Gyns in the U.S. ARE NOT SPECIFICALLY TRAINED in how to perform expert, aesthetic labial reconstruction. The "botched labiaplasties" that experts like Dr. Pelosi, Dr. Moore, Dr. Miklos, Dr Oppenheimer, etc. and myself see online, during lawsuits, and for possible revision, are surgeries ALWAYS done by non-experts like NHS docs & general Ob-Gyns! Find an expert, or be prepared to suffer the consequences... Please feel free to read the weblink. I am speaking of the situation in the U.S., but this could apply to non-genital plastic specialized docs in the U.S. as well...


Michael P Goodman, MD

Davis, CA, USA

Where to get labiaplasty

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Labiaplasty is not covered by insurance unless there is something really abnormal down there.  For best information be sure to see a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery who has a broad experience with this procedure.  Make sure to review a comprehensive portfolio of his/her work so you can gauge the types of results that are reasonable to expect.

NHS is not where you'll find labiaplasty experts

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If you wish to reduce your risk of getting botched, I would recommend you seek out a labiaplasty expert instead of whomever will do it for free on the NHS.

Would I be able to be treated via the NHS?

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Thank you for sharing your question and photograph.  Outside of a few isolated conditions, surgeries to reduce the labia minora are considered cosmetic and "not medically necessary."  As a result costs are borne by the patient.  Hope this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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