After belly button piercing, I have 2 flappy bits of skin. Will it always be there? What can I do about them? (photos)

I'm 18, I had my belly pierced 3 years ago and last year I noticed the skin where the bar was under had started to get thinner and there was constantly a scab by one of the holes! recently I was ill and the skin had suddenly got so thin and so small, and eventually the bar just broke through, now I have 2 flappy bits of skin, will I always have them? what can I do to make them as small as possible?

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Torn piercing

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Unfortunately, this is NOT uncommon. Keep them clean and covered with topical antibiotic ointment and allow them to fully heal. It is likely you will choose to have them excised to improve your appearance. This is typically very straightforward and done under local anesthesia.

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