5 yrs post op Breast Augmentation, I have a lot of pain. Is this normal?

I had a breast enlargement about 5 years ago and for about a year i have been having a lot of pain. This pain is at the bottom of both breasts where the underwire sits. It is a very tight and uncomfortable feeling that is worse when i wake up but seems to be there for most of the day. some days i get sharp pain that don't last long. They seem to be further apart than i remember and my nipples are far to high some bras just cover my nipples and some don't.

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5 yrs post op Breast Augmentation, I have a lot of pain. Is this normal?

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It sounds like the pain you are experiencing may be due to a capsular contracture.  It would be best if you follow up with your surgeon for an in-office exam to know for certain.  ac

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Follow Up with Your Surgeon

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Hi haze_zool, thank you for your question. I am sorry to hear about your pain. Please follow up with the surgeon who performed your procedure, or a board certified plastic surgeon. Best of luck to you.

Breast Augmentation

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Thanks for the question. From your description you might have a capsular contraction and need to visit a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon as soon as you can to assess and take care of the issue.

All the best!

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5 yrs post op Breast Augmentation, I have a lot of pain. Is this normal?

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From your description of the pain and its location you may well be dealing with a capsular contraction.  You will need to see a board certified plastic surgeon for an in person physical exam to determine if that is the case.

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5 yrs post op Breast Augmentation, I have a lot of pain.

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Hi... thank you for the question, it seems to be a capsular contracture issue, you will need to be examine by your PS... 

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Pain post aug

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Without photos you seem to be having problems with marked encapsulation and that can cause wide separation,pain etc. go back to your doctor and have him examine you.


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What you are describing is very typical of a capsular contracture development.  Needless to say, you need to return to your plastic surgeon for an examination.  Don't wait too  long.  There's no point in needlessly having pain!  Good  luck.

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Pain 5 years after breast implants

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Thank you for asking about your breast implants.

  • The pain you describe, with the change in appearance of your breasts, suggests a capsular contracture.
  • Please return to your plastic surgeon to be examined and to discuss what surgical and non-surgical options there are.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Hope you found this answer helpful. Best wishes.

Breast Augmentation - Breast Pain

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Pain can be a sign of a few different things and I would start by returning to your plastic surgeon for an examination. Typically it is due to a capsular contracture where the capsule that is surrounding the breast implant has excess scarring that causes restriction and breast pain. However, it can also be due a few other things and an examination is warranted. 

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5 yrs post op Breast Augmentation, I have a lot of pain. Is this normal?

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Hello!  Thank you for your question!  Given your description, it sounds like you are developing/have developed a capsular contracture.  With the presence of pain, most surgeons would recommend a surgical procedure to remove the capsule and implant exchange or removal of implant.  I would recommend seeing a plastic surgeon for evaluation.  If this is the case, s/he will go over the various options available to ameliorate your issue.  Hope that this helps!  BEst wishes!

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