13 months post BA - not happy with symmetry. Any suggestions? (photos)

I haven't posted for a while as I was waiting a full 12 months before querying the symmetry situation. I had 375cc under on the Left, and 450cc under on the Right with a periareoliar lift. Here I am a year on, and I'm really not happy. It feels as though the Left has bottomed out and the Right hasn't dropped. It's really noticeable and I've found I've returned to being self conscious in exactly the same way as I was pre-surgery

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Needs revision?

From your photographs with the degree of asymmetry and the amount of skin you have, in my opinion, this is impossible to fix without some type of breast lift being added to your surgery.  I recommend you discuss this with your chosen plastic surgeon as part of your revision. Good luck.

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13 months post BA - not happy with symmetry. Any suggestions?

Thank you for sharing your photographs and questions. I can see your areas of concern and agree that you have some asymmetry issues that could be addressed to lead to an enhanced result. Though nothing replaces an in-person exam or full series of before and after photographs your profile demonstrated a larger left breast than right before surgery resulting in the larger implant placement on that side.  Though the right appears to still be a little high on your chest, this can be due either to a tight implant pocket that can be released to lower the implant at a bottoming out risk, or is the result of capsular contracture which would need removal of the surrounding scar tissue.  The left breast needs to be evaluated for a possible mastopexy to help reposition your breast tissue over the implant while also ruling out an implant malposition issue as it appears that it may be a bit low and out to your side.  See a board certified plastic surgeon in consultation for the best treatment advice. 

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Asymmetry after BBA

Thanks for your question and photos.  Sorry that you are feeling disappointed. Although it would be helpful to have pre operative photos, based on your history and post ops, I assume that your left breast was naturally larger. It looks like that breast has more natural tissue, which is allowing more ptosis. The right looks fuller superiorly, likely as a result of a larger implant and less skin.  Without an exam, it is difficult to know whether there is any component of capsular contracture on the right, At this point, a revision is needed to achieve better symmetry. I suspect that the left will need a more aggressive breast lift, with a vertical component, and the right may need further release.  Breast asymmetry is a very challenging procedure, and revisions are many times needed to achieve the best results.  I suggest you discuss your concerns with your surgeon, or with another board certified PS.  Best Regards. 

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Breast augmentation results

Sorry to hear that you are disappointed with your breast augmentation results.  Its hard to know where you started and what was done to get you to this point in terms of pocket creation, implant selection, etc.  You should be commended for being patient and waiting for twelve months to make your final decision, I know it could not have been easy.

My recommendation at this time is to seek consultation with your plastic surgeon and/or other board certified plastic surgeons in your community and discuss what you would like to accomplish with your breast revision surgery.

Good luck.

All the best,

Dr. Remus Repta

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13 months post BA - not happy with symmetry. Any suggestions? = go back to the surgeon that performed the operation

Patients with questions and concerns about their breast augmentation results should address those concerns with the plastic surgeon that performed the operation.

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