What is this? Heard it might be an open roof deformity? Help! (Photos)

Had a previous rhinoplasty, went to see about doing a nonsurgical rhinoplasty to cover the bumps in my nose. The doctor I contacted told me it might be an open roof deformity. Very scared from what I read about this, need advice in what to do now If it is ? Can't really afford another rhinoplasty but I know this is necessary I can't live with this it's ugly it's very uncomfortable and knowing that my nose is open freaks me out please I need advice!

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Not so much

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although your dorsum/nasal bones are irregular, you do not appear to have a open roof deformity.... nonetheless, your closed rhinoplasty did not leave you with nice dorsal lines or a symmetrical/well defined/properly projecting tip
given your long nose and sharp facial features, I would favor an open rhinoplasty approach with structural grafting to achieve a beautiful resultThe decision to undergo a revision rhinoplasty needs to be considered carefully..Unfortunately, unsatisfactory results and secondary deformities from primary rhinoplasty are all too common.... like many other advances in science, technology, etc. the techniques and approach to rhinoplasty have become significantly refined over the last 20 years..... much of what is done now by qualified rhinoplasty specialists is much more 'constructive' than the 'destructive' methods of the past.... still many patients have suboptimal surgeries that result in asymmetry, over-resection of supporting structures and ultimate collapse over time. You need a thorough evaluation and a well thought out plan....you will need to gain the confidence that your surgeon has the skills and aesthetic judgment to fix your problem....17/20 'experts' are either fibbing or don't know any better....you will need to see several doctors to become convinced...find out who OR nurses and doctors go to and who their family/friends go to.... do your homework and be sure that your revision rhinoplasty surgeon has: 1. many years of rhinoplasty practice experience
2. judgment and techniques that have evolved over time
3. a practice focused on rhinoplasty 
4. a willingness to do difficult, secondary and reconstructive cases
5. an interest in teaching others how to evaluate and do rhinoplasty properly
6. a willingness to share rhinoplasty resume, photos and patient experiences with prospective patients good luck...

Open roof?

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It looks like some irregularity on the dorsum that may be amenable to some fine rasping. Best to be seen in person to evaluate.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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