Treatment finishing up this week? (Photos)

1 - When I bite down my back teeth don't touch, Ortho is telling me teeth will find there own place after 6months 2 - Which retainers should I push for. My preference is wire both top and bottom as I have a tooth which has been capped next to my top front teeth and when I need to have it replaced the profile probably wont fit retainers. 3 - I have had .2mm IPR on my bottom front teeth to close the black triangles, they are improved on how they were originally i would like to close further.

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Treatment to Continue

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Very nice photos! A pic with your teeth together would help.

Sounds like right now your front teeth touch but your back teeth do not.

You are not ready for retainers, yet. So don't worry about your second point.

The front teeth need to touch less, so the back teeth have the chance to touch.

With more IPR on the lower front teeth, the lower teeth will move inward, away from 

the upper front teeth, reducing the size of the black triangles and allowing the back teeth 

the chance to touch. Along with this is a refinement to allow this to happen, and extrude the 

upper and lower molars. A refinement is essentially a new start to your case- all the attachments 

are removed and new scans or impressions are captured. Most offices do not charge for the refinement!

You are close to the end, but not quite there. You CANNOT leave your back teeth out of contact for up to 6

months. Insist on more treatment!  

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Continue treatment #DrSoftTouch

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Thank you for posting your photos. My initial opinion of your smile is that it is not optimal and needs further adjustments. With more IPR on the lower, the size of the black triangles can be reduced. And most importantly, your teeth can not be left out of alignment. It is important that your back teeth touch! Since you have already paid your dentist for Invisalign, you should return to him/her and ask for a refinement. The refinement usually does not cost extra, but this will depend on your doctor's policy. Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

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