Do you think I have symmastia? What could be done to fix my breasts? (Photo)

I have 490cc hp over the muscle implants and 1.5 years post op. Between my breasts the skin feels as though it is raised off my chest bone when I sit I have one uni boob but when I stand it isn't so noticeable. They have also got a saggy appearance, when I did not have this to start with. This is making me very unhappy and my surgeon is telling me that is just how my body is. There is no defined breast roundness, and there is also pain between my breasts at times.

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Thank you for your question and photos.  From what you have provided, there is no convincing evidence for symmastia.  Symmastia means the implant pockets connect and the implants essentially touch in the center.  

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Implant position

Based on the photographs, there is no evidence of synmastia or implant malposition, but that would be better determined by consultation with a plastic surgeon.

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Do you think I have symmastia? What could be done to fix my breasts?

There is no evidence in the photos that you have symmastia, although it would take an exam to confirm that. You have heavy implants over the muscle that pull out that forld of skin and subcutaneous tissue that is seen in the photos.

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Thank you for the photos and your questions but a full examination is really needed.  That said from the photos your breasts are ptotic and would benefit from a lift and if indeed symmastia is present that could be corrected at the same time.

Dr. Corbin

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It is difficult to give you a precise diagnosis and aswer without an examination. That being said, I do see many woman who have implants placed on top of the muscle in order to avoid a lift. That concept almost never works. Usually the patients tell me "I never wanted to be this big and now my breasts are drooping more than before". Symmastia is also a common occurrance. Ttypically, what needs to be done is repositioning of the implants under the muscle and a lift.This will give a stable bed for the implant to sit and fix the symmastia. Make sure that your surgeon is very experienced at revisionary breast surgery. Best wishes.

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Do you think I have symmastia? What could be done to fix my breasts?

 I am sorry to hear about your concerns after breast augmentation surgery but your pictures do not demonstrate symmastia. Unfortunately, without physical examination, it is not possible to give you precise advice.  Best to follow-up with your plastic surgeon or other board-certified plastic surgeons with significant experience with revisionary breast surgery  (for accurate advice and treatment recommendations). Best wishes.

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