Scar redness after 1.5 years? (Photo)

I had my breast implants removed one and a half years ago and I am still experiencing redness surrounding the scars. Is there a possibility the redness will still fade? I have had laser scar resurfacing (three months ago now) and I have tried silicon sheets and gels. Is there anything else I should be trying? Everything I have read had said that scars should have healed by one/one and a half years.

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Your scar has healed well and I would caution you against a scar revision. Laser can help with the redness and I would see your PS for advice.

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It is true that scars have usually healed pretty well by 1-½ years and don't improve much after that. It looks like the actual scar (in the center of the red area) has healed well. I am not sure why you have erythema (redness) in the adjacent skin. Usually, laser is recommended for such redness. It may take multiple sessions. If an adequate course of laser fails, you might consider a scar revision (excision of the entire area with careful surgical closure) in the hope that it will heal better the second time round. Often scars do. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee. 

Neal Handel, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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