40 days post op Septoplasty/ Rhinoplasty, I injured my nose cause it to swell. Did I damage my nose?

I had surgery 40 days ago for a crooked nose, a dorsal hump, narrow and lift my tip, a deviated septum and turbinate reduction. No issues with recovery, just swelling left on the tip Last night I was watching my iPad. I was holding it on my chest and fell asleep. It fell forward hitting my nose. No major pain but the hit woke me up. Today its more swollen at the tip, feels tender to touch, but nothing else I’m so worried. Is an iPad hitting my nose 40 days post surgery enough to cause damage?

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Talk to your doctor

This is definitely a question for your physician. It doesn't sound like a major injury, but if the pain and swelling on the tip of your nose persists and continues to be uncomfortable I advise scheduling a follow-up appointment with your surgeon. These matters are best handled face to face. Best of luck to you as you continue to recover! 

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