Is it normal for one breast to be substantially larger than the other after surgery? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction just over a week ago and I inderstand swelling can last up to 8 weeks however, my left boob is much larger than the right and even the nipple looks different. Is this normal? Will it go down to the same as the other one? Also, if the surgeon didn't do the surgery properly (unsymmetrical breasts) and I'm not happy with the outcome once it has completely healed, would he willingly/have to fix it? Would I have to pay for it again? Thank you!

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Early asymmetry

Too early to rush to judgement! There are a number of possibilities that can be causing an asymmetric appearance.  See your surgeon for advice on how to proceed. An ultrasound can distinguish if there is a fluid collection to be evacuated in some cases. The vast majority of board certified plastic surgeons take pride in their work and will want to correct any asymmetry to achieve a happy outcome. It is common for the patient to accept the material responsibility for secondary surgery but this varies by the community.

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