Double bubble possible with a lift no implants? (photos)

I had a breast lift no implants three days ago and am concerned that I have what appears to be a double bubble. Can this occur with no implants? What can I do at this early stage to reduce this or is revision needed?The photo is not very clear but basically the same for both breasts and the bubble or bottom bump is my concern. is it just swelling or is this permanent? how can I reduce it?

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Common to have ridge above the fold

when having a vertical mastopexy.  Often they will smooth out on their own.  And if they don't, simple office revisions can usually smooth it out to where its no longer a concern.  Breasts also can look very funky right after surgery so focus on healing and don't ever forget that your surgeon really wants the best result for you.  In my practice, I would have you wearing an underwire bra as long as it wasn't irritating to your incisions.

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Double bubble possible with a lift no implants?

I must disagree with my Beverly Hills colleague. Failure to remove the vertical excess in a lollipop lift may occasionally result in a high nipple position. It absolutely does not result in a 'double bubble.' The lollipop lift raises the inframammary fold, so that fat that was previously on the lower breast is then placed on the chest wall. This must be liposuctioned at the end of the procedure to eliminate the roll that otherwise would remain below the breast. I would, however, emphasize that you are only three days out from your surgery, and are nowhere near your final result. Stay in touch with your surgeon and follow his or her direction. All the best.

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Residual Skin Excess

Although it will improve, you have residual skin redundancy in the vertical direction, leaving this horizontal roll. A true 'lollypop' incision can not eliminate the all of the vertical redundancy of your breast skin, especially when there is no implant to 'take up' the excess.

You should heal at least 3 months, but you may need to get that roll out by converting to an anchor scar.

Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
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