Do my breasts look normal? I had severe tuberous breasts with asymmetry. (photos)

My surgeon recommended that I have 375cc moderate plus medium height in my bigger breast which also underwent a Benelli life and 445cc moderate plus tall height in my right breast. I'm 5 weeks PO and concerned about how different they are looking. He used CPG mentor implants. Do you think he misjudged and used the incorrect size and type of implants?

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Normal means a lot of differnt things

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so when you ask if yours are normal, I would say they are for having had the the procedure.  That being said, your upper poles are not level and your surgeon should be advising you on what to do to help this improve.  You do have to wait until you are completely healed to truly determine what will be needed to provide you a result that you will be happy with.  Know your surgeon's revision policy and be patient.  And you should certainly make sure your surgeon is aware of your concerns so it can be addressed later if it doesn't correct with more healing.


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Thank you for the photos and I do not see a 70cc difference in your breasts in the pre op photos but the difference could also be greater swelling on one side vs the other

Dr Corbin

Breast Asymmetry

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Congratulations on your recent surgery. Your breasts look very nice. You are early after surgery and your breasts are probably still swollen. I see the asymmetry that you mention but this may improve with time and as things settle. It is really too early to determine the final appearance. Good luck!

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