Does this wound look infected? (photo)

Im 19 days post op breast reduction with anchor incision. I had a small area of seperation at the T zone, that looked OK up until 2 days ago. It had a scab on it & surgeon said that it was fine & healing. The scab fell off at some stage throughout the day & left a wound that I'm not sure looks good. I don't have any symptoms of fever & I can't smell anything from the wound. Also this breast is still swollen, but it's a soft squishy swollen not hard like it was

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Post op healing of reduction

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Hello and thank you for reaching out. From the photo you have provided, it is hard to determine if the breast is infected, however without any other symptoms present (ie: fever, discharge, etc) it could be a small area of slow healing, as that is a difficult area to heal. Your body will more than likely heal on its own by secondary intention. Better to follow up with your surgeon for an exam to rule out infection. Best Wishes.  

Breast reduction scars

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Hi - your picture is of very poor quality so it is difficult to say 100% but it looks like you have some delayed healing which can occur after breast reduction.  In the absence of increasing pain and temperature infection is unlikely.  You should have a review by your surgeon or their nurse who would give you a better idea of what the issue is.


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Thank you for the question and picture.  It is very difficult to discern from the picture alone if there is an infection.  Based on the fact that you don't have any fever, drainage, or foul smell it is unlikely.  I recommend that you see your surgeon again soon to be re-examined and that way they can instruct you on how to care for the wound now that the scab has fallen off.  Have a blessed day!

Soumo Banerji, MD
Houston Physician

Infection after breast reduction?

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Thanks for your question.  Based on your picture(although poor quality), that could be an infection or just reactive changes in the skin.  This kind of question is ALWAYS best asked to your surgeon.  I would advise you to give them a call so that it can be seen in person.  Best of luck to you. 

Jeffrey G. Lind II, MD
The Woodlands General Surgeon
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