Transsexual Breast augmentation and estrogen induced lump (like gynaecomastia.) Contraindication?

I am going for breast augmentation next April. I'm a transgender male to female and have recently had an increase in oestradiol after five yrs on hrt which has caused benign inflammation of breast tissue in my right breast resembling in a lump not visible on the surface. Would this contraindicate surgery if it were to stay this way til then? Obviously I am keeping in close contact with my dr if anything with the lump changes.

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Lump in Breast

Hi, you should get examined by a doctor who should assess whether this is normal or if you should have investigations. Lumpy breast tissue is common and not abnormal, but you should get checked out before the surgery. Your plastic surgeon is the best person to assess you. Regards, Dr Steve Merten, Sydney

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