TCA for freckles

Hi, I'm wondering if TCA peel would help with fading freckles? I've heard that TCA can be good for texture (smoothing skin and retouching appearance of pores) and pigmentation which I am excited about but am not sure if it would help with freckles. I'm light skinned (fitzp 2 or 3) and most of the freckles are quite light.

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TCA and freckles

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Yes, TCA can be very effective for freckles, however treatments such as Fraxel-IPL have faster recovery times. Combining Fraxel 1927 with IPL can realistically remove 90% of freckles in the one sitting, if IPL alone were to be used, 2-3 sessions. TCA at 30% - one session, but the recovery time will be a week. Freckles, as you know are recurrent, and with Brisbane's high UV index, especially coming into Summer, a few will re appear. All the best, 

Dr Davin S. Lim. Brisbane. Australia. 

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