Is there any surgery or operation that can make eyes less deep set and more relaxed looking? (Photo)

I just don't like how far they go in the crease and I find it makes me look older.

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You photo is simply not adequate to address your concerns.

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Consider reposting with photos that show the eyes looking straight ahead.  Ideally the photos show the top of the cheek and the area above the eyebrows.  That will help us assess your issues better.

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Deep eyelid crease

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Hi and thanks for the question.It is hard to tell whether you have had previous upper eyelid surgery as you have some asymmetry with your left eye (right of screen) looking more open than the other.  Have you also had your thyroid gland tested?If all is normal with your blood workup and this is how you are naturally, it may be possible to improve your eyelids with autologous fat grafting.You should discuss this with a Specialist Plastic surgeon experienced in the technique in upper lids.Good luck.I hope that helps.Dr Mark Hanikeri MBBS, FRACS (Plas)Specialist Plastic Surgeon Perth

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