Would a rhinoplasty do this? (photos)

So I like the right side of my face (1st photo) but I HATE the left ( second photo) . I want to get a rhinoplasty in the future anyway because i don't like the over all size of my nose, but i find my face looks really 'harsh' from the left side. It looks all crinckled when I smile and I've got this dark skin next to the nostril. If I got a rhinoplasty could it help make my face look more relaxed and even. I only ever take photos from my ride side because I really dislike the harsh was of the lef

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Alar lobule

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It would be helpful to see a frontal photo because the lightning in each side photo is very different and this can make the nostrils and the nostril creases look very different and a deep shadow is being cast on the side you do not like. Sometimes a scar up high in the alar crease heals poorly and unless there is true asymmetry in evenly cast light and a real difference in thickness of the nostril then it is best to leave it

Well, it might help some ...

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Boy, I think you're really pretty from *both* sides. But I see what you're talking about. That part of the nose itself is called the "alar lobule," and it's just a roll of thick skin, without any cartilage behind it to trim. So we don't have lots of ways of modifying it -- really, we just find a good place to hide a scar and take some of the bulging skin out, making the lobule less obvious. It wouldn't change anything, however, that was not on the nose itself.

Still, if your nose is overall bigger than you want it, then maybe making the nose more petite would let you ignore the nose more, and thus ignore that alar lobule more, and maybe you'd like the whole picture better.

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