How to repair uneven sizing after a reduction? (Photo)

11 years ago i had a reduction but my breasts are 2 different sizes not one breast from the other but each breast itself. The outer portion of my breast is a size bigger than the inside portion for example if i put on a D cup bra it will fit nicely over my cleavage side but be to small on the outer area and iff i go to a dd cup it fits nicely on the outer side and under my arms but too big on the cleavage half on the breast. Could liposuction fix this or would it be best to go under the knife again.

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Breast reduction revision

Without seeing photos - the solution will be to reduce the fulness on the outer breast to create a breast mound that is a D cup on the medial ( inner ) half and a D cup on the lateral ( outer) half.The solution will be surgical, and it may be liposuction or further tissue resection depending on the amount of volume, and the skin quality/elasticityJeremy Hunt

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How to repair uneven sizing after a reduction?

Thank you for the question.  You may wish to post photographs with your next question but given your description, it sounds like you will benefit from additional reduction of the larger breast.  In most cases, this is best done with excision of skin breast and adipose tissue; liposuction surgery alone will likely not suffice.
 Having said that, there are cases where relatively minor asymmetry exists (with good quality overlying skin elasticity); these patients may benefit from liposuction surgery to improve symmetry.
 Discuss your concerns and goals directly with your plastic surgeon. Working together you will come up with a good plan to improve your outcome. Best wishes.

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