How long do I need to stay in town after treatment? I want to go on holiday as soon as possible post op. (Photo)

I'm considering having a chemical or laser peel for sun damage and fine wrinkles (mouth and crows) in my city of Brisbane before my scheduled holiday in a resort in Thailand. This way I combine my down time post op with a holiday and don't have to deal with the staring! I can just hide out and relax! Is there such a high likelihood of complications that it would be unwise to not be near my doctors after treatment though? how long do you think the minimum is I should stay in town? Thank you!

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Staying in town post laser treatment

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Hi there,

It really depends on the depth of your treatment. From your photo, it doesn't appear that you have much textural damage ( wrinkles), so if you're just having the reds and browns treated, you won't have broken skin and could go away 2 days later. For deeper treatments, I'd suggest you stay in town and indoors so no sun exposure. Best to discuss with your treating specialist dermatologist. Don't make the mistake of not seeing a specialist- either a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. We are the only specialists in the cosmetic field. Good luck! 

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