How long before skin tightening occurs? Does the fat leave the body over time or is it only what's removed during surgery?

I have had laser lipo 2 weeks ago and am yet to notice results. My bruising and swelling has gone. I am not a large person but I had inner and outer thighs, upper and lower stomach, left and right flanks, left and right buttocks done and only had 1100mls of fat taken out. How much fat is usual to remove per area and when should I see results?

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You do need to be patient waiting for results it can take up to 3-6 months as you are waiting for your skin to retract also. Although the great majority is removed at the time of the procedure there are reminisces of fat tissue which has been Lasered and not suctioned which will over time be absorbed through the body through the lymphatics system.

The other point about the volume of fat is that some surgeons infuse alot more tumescent fluid and although the amount of purified fat that is removed remains the same but the actual volume seems alot more. For example : i infused 1 L of fluid and took out 800ml's but someone might infuse 2L and take out 1.6L. Although the 1.6L seems double but in actual fact when you let the fluid settle overtime the volume of purified fat will probably end up being the same. 

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