Is laser lipo suction safe for me?

I have a small titanium plate in my skull (about 1.5cm in circumference. It was implanted after brain surgery 10 years ago to remove a metastatic tumor (metastasized from the breast) . No cancer since then. I am worried the laser aspect of the treatment will cause problems because of the titanium plate

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Laser Lipo

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There has been no evidence to suggest that the Laser causes any issues at all with any prosthesis inserted anywhere within the body. 

Please ensure you inform your surgeon of the titanium plate but in my experience there has never been an issue with the Laser causing any problems with any metallic foreign bodies.

Sydney Physician

No Ill Results

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The titanium plate should have no effect on your results from laser liposuction, nor should you experience any side effects as a result of the titanium. However, you should still alert your cosmetic surgeon about any prior conditions, just so you can cover all your bases.

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