To get implants or not. Any suggestions?

I was in a severe car crash at age 17. My ribs had all been crushed on my left side where a boulder had come through the and stabbed my left breast puncturing my lung. I was in ICU for two weeks with a drain.Long story short I've booked to get implants to fix the a symmetry.My surgeon has suggested on top of the muscle silicone textured gel tear drop implants because my chest wall could be too unstable and broken bones could tear the implant. Will my breasts look more fake on top of the muscle?

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Implants after trauma.

I'm sorry you were injured, but I am happy to hear you have recovered. In my practice I rarely if ever place the implants on top of the muscle. There are many reasons for this but very few indications from my standpoint to place implants above the muscle. After 2 years and at your young age, I cannot imagine you have any chest wall instability that would affect implants. Also in the course of bone healing, there should be no "broken bones" to tear implants. I suggest you seek another opinion and be sure to seek out a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience with breast surgery. Good luck.

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