I have 375 mentor implants that I would like to have removed as I have rheumatoid arthritis. Can you advise me?

The implants are uncomfortable I have not settled into them procedure was on September 10 2014. I realise in all probability I will need a lift as well. I need a doctor in Brisbane who would be prepared to do this procedure,. There is no rupture or any other negative side effects. Can someone please advise me? Thankyou Helen

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Removal of implants

Your best step is to arrange a consultation with a fully qualified and experienced surgeon to discuss your options.  Removal of your implants is typically very straightforward but many factors will determine whether or not you you require a lift including the size of your implants, how much your skin has stretched and your skin quality and tone.  You need an in person consultation to determine your surgical options and outcomes.

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Implant removal

Having your implants removed is a relatively simple procedure.  A lift can often times be done in conjunction with the removal.  I would recommend visiting a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who can discuss with you the procedure in more depth to help you achieve your surgical goals.

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Removal of breast implants is a relatively easy procedure.  Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon for an in person exam to discuss your options.

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Can you advise me

Thank you for your question.  Below I am attaching a link to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website that will allow you to search for local board-certified plastic surgeons.  See a few in consultation and in-person examination to have the best treatment recommendation discussed with you.  Hope that this helps. 

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I have 375 mentor implants that I would like to have removed as I have rheumatoid arthritis. Can you advise me

I certainly support your wishes to have your implants removed if you are not comfortable with them. The removal process is a relatively easy procedure, however, the overlying skin is another matter. It is difficult to anticipate how the skin will retract when the weight of the implant is removed. In some cases, the skin retracts quite well and a breast lift will not be needed. If there is an obvious amount of skin laxity, a breast lift will be required.

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Finding a doctor for implant removal.

Hello and thanks. You can look up your local or regional medical society and they should have a listing of plastic surgeons from you to choose from. The Australian Society of Plastic Surgery should also have a link of surgeons in your area. Best of luck to you, Dr. ALDO

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