Double bubble? (photos)

It's just I had no sleep last night at all. Worried sick about something I noticed yesterday on my right breast down the bottom. I hadn't seen it before and i thoroughly check my breasts. I have been 100% fastidious with after care. I'm so scared I have formed a double bubble I will be 5 weeks PO this Wednesday. I had 385cc under muscle HP silicone rounds

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Hi.  I would not be too concerned at 5 weeks postoperatively. It does not look to me like a classic double bubble.  There are a number of other things it may be which will all improve with time.  Sometimes the supporting fascia of the breast has a memory and needs tim for the implant to stretch it out which is what your appearance looks like.  There are other similar causes like cording which improve with time and massage.  Check with your surgeon as to the timing of massage if appropriate.

Double Bubble?

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Thank you for your question and photos. This could be a slight band of tight tissue remaining from where the previous crease was, a small contour irregularity or ripple which will smooth out as tissues relax. At 5 weeks it is unfortunately too soon to evaluate results. I recommend that you try to wait until 6 months post op to evaluate your results. All the best

Early double bubble deformity?

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I am a bit concerned however it is too early and without seeing your before photos it's difficult to say.  Your frontal photo and the photo showing your incision line look terrific.  Point this out to your surgeon so he/she can recommend any change in your bra support or allay your concerns.  Good luck. Jon A Perlman MD FACS  Certified, American Board of Plastic Surgery  Extreme Makeover Surgeon ABC TV Best of Los Angeles Award 2015, 2016  Beverly Hills, Ca

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I don't see a classic double bubble deformity. There may be scar tissue present. Discuss with your surgeon 

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