Asymmetrical tip after rhinoplasty. (photos)

I had open rhinoplasty in June and noticed asymmetry as soon as the cast was removed. I was told this was due to swelling however 4 months on and my nose does not seem to be improving. As you can see the left nostril appears to be notched and thinner then the right. It looks as if there is less cartilage which is exposing my left nostril. My secondary concern is how bulbous my tip is. How would I go about correcting these issues and why did they happen to begin with? Please help...

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Nostril difference

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It would be helpful to see your pre op photos to see if there was any slight asymmetry to start with but assuming this has occurred from this surgery if should be starting to settle - it is likely that there is some scar tightness pulling on the inside of your left nostril - start regular massage using your index finger on the outside and a cotton bud on the inside to gently drag and stretch the peaked left nostril down - if after 6 weeks more there is no difference you may need a small revision by your surgeon to correct it - the residual broadness of your tip however can be swelling still

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