What can be done about my asymmetrical eyes? (photo)

I'm just wondering why my eyes are asymmetrical like this & what can be done about it. It doesn't cause any vision problems but is very noticeable in photographs and makes me self conscious. My left eyebrow is quire a bit higher than my right, and my right eye is much droopier & wide. & sometimes the eyelid crease on my left eye is extremely low in comparison to my left eyelid crease and sits really close to my eyelashes. I'm wondering what can be done to fix these problems?

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Eyelid asymmetry

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You appear on this photo to have a mild ptosis of your left upper eyelid with the typical compensatory elevation of the left eyebrow plus a slightly higher lid fold on the left. This is a fairly common problem that is not dangerous and only needs treatment if it bothers you a lot. This should be properly assessed by either a plastic surgeon who does a lot of eyelid and ptosis surgery or an ophthalmologist specialising in oculoplastic surgery. They will be able to discuss your options including both the risks and the benefits of correction.

Complex issue

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so firstly in this picture you have two obvious asymmetries to me. You left brow is higher and your right lateral lower lid is lower. 

Your upper lids seem similar to me. The key to asymmetry is that it changes during movement. Asymmetry at rest may well be symmetrical in an animated picture. 

Both of the problems described above can be addressed but you would need to see someone face to face so they could assess you. Worth mentioning, but not clear in the phot is that asymmetry is often not restricted to the eyes, the whole face can be asymmetric which is harder to address. Hope that helps. 

Adam Goodwin

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