Bringing Post Op Care Givers to Last Consult, is this Appropriate?

My mom & sis will help me after BR & TT on 4/18. Is it ok to bring them to my last consult with my PS? I feel like they should be ale to ask any post op care questions they would have. Is this appropriate?

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Care givers at pre op

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I think this is a good idea.  There is a lot of teaching that occurs at this appointment.  As long as you're comfortable having them in the exam room, I would encourage giving caregivers the opportunity to ask questions and learn what to expect.  You may want them to accompany you for your first post op appointment as well, to allow for any additional questions to be answered.

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Care givers

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Each office handles this a little differently.  We always have a pre-op teaching appointment prior to surgery with one of our nurses, during which they carefully review the post-op directions with the patient.  That's an ideal time to bring your family along for instruction.

Care Givers coming to your appointments

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Thank you for your question.

In my practice, I always welcome the care givers to come into the office and ask questions. They will be a very important part of your recovery and need to be comfortable taking care of you.

Best Wishes.

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