I've just had my ruptured pip implants removed (no lift or replacement) and my boobs look scary. (photos)

Will my breasts ever look "normal" after implant removal or am I left looking like a freak? Concave, wrinkly n emptyPlease help, I want to cry 

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Implant removal

I am assuming that at least one of your Pip Implants must have been at least partially deflated if you chose to undergo surgery. I can't tell anything from the other photo other than the fact that the implants must have been fairly large. I am sorry that this appearance comes as a surprise to you because it is pretty typical after removal of large subglabdular saline implants that have been in for a while. You still have lots of options if you do not like the appearance. For one thing it WILL improve a little just by virtue of the fact that the heavy implants have been removed. I suggest sitting tight and seeing how they look in 3-6 months. You could have another simple saline or silicone augmentation, or a smaller implant with a lift , or just a lift. It is hard to give you advice when I did not see what your breasts looked like before explanation or without any idea of what your expectations are or were. You and your surgeon may already have a plan in place! Best of luck. 

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Excess skin after removal

The key thing is that you have had your PIP implants removed and are now free of the concerns of having PIP implants. It is still very early postop and things will change. You have lost considerable volume and it will take time for the final result to become apparent. You may require additional ops in the future and there are options. For the time being you need to get over this operation and leave things for a few months before considering further options.

Gary L. Ross, MBChB, FRCS
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