Why are my eyes too close and one eye slightly smaller than the other? (photos)

Why are my eyes so close my friends tease me about it all the time I laugh along with them but inside I'm screaming also one eye is slightly smaller than the other it's like my eye is just getting smaller and smaller I hate it is there any special dyagnosis for this or treatment or will I just stay ugly forever please help me thank you

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Facial asymmetries

Hi Phoebetai,First of all, from your photos you look like you are very young.  The facial skeleton will continue to grow until you are 18-20 years old.  Your eyes are slightly narrow but there are no obvious anomalies to your facial structure. Narrow eyes can often be an illusion brought on by the relation of the eyes to your nose and that is something that may be addressed when you are an adult. At the end of the day you should not let your friends pick on your looks.  Teenage years are full of insecurities about body image and identity and it doesn't help to have friends who are not supportive.  I would suggest not laughing alongside your friends and express your dissatisfaction with their criticism.  If they continue to pick on you, then they're not good friends and you should get new ones.

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As you yourself have noted, you can't see what concerns you in the photos. Most plastic surgeons offer complimentary consultations so I would recommend you schedule an appointment for that.

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