Should I still be feeling sore after 4 months Vaginoplasty?

I have sexabout once or twice but always feel sore up til 1 or 2 days after, ill still feel sore and i know its due to my vaginoplasty. When will it just feel normal again, sex is painful no matter what...during sex i have to stop also because the friction will be painful on the outside of my vagina the entry of it will get sore quickly

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Post-Op Healing for Vaginoplasty

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Swelling after #Labiaplasty is usually present for several weeks.  It’s possible that swelling can persist for two or three months. Firmness of tissue can remain for 4-6 months.
Postoperative care will usually consist of sitz baths or soaking the area in warm soapy water starting approximately 2 days after a surgery.  The sutures will dissolve over the course of several weeks.  This will in part depend upon the #Labiaplasty technique used, the amount of bruising and they way in which your body heals. Ice can help reduce swelling. Arnica and Bromelain may help.  Direct massage may be useful Patients return to most normal activities immediately after surgery with the exception of activities that will create direct pressure on the #vaginalregion such as certain exercise equipment and #sexualactivity.  It will be necessary to refrain from these forms of physical activity, including sex, for approximately 4-6 weeks. 

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Pain after sex after vaginoplasty 4 months ago expert management

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It can take up to six months for the deep muscle sutures of vaginoplasty to dissolve completely. If they are still there, you can experience the symptoms you describe. If this persists after six months, the next step depends on the physical exam. If the canal is too tight, then a program of progressive vaginal dilation will be needed. If only the muscles are too tight, then botox injections into the muscles will probably be all that you need. If there is a focus of painful scar tissue, then steroid injections should suffice. Only when these options fail, would you really require a surgical revision, but I wouldn't consider that option for a least 6-8 months because it may just improve over time.

Soreness 4 months after vaginoplasty

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Great question.  Was there discomfort prior to the surgery or only afterwards?  In most cases this will improve with time and practice and there are methods of managing this.  You shouldn't have to undergo another procedure in most cases.  Your surgeon should be able to discuss these options after an examination.  Although many patients are back into a good routine even as soon as 8 weeks after surgery, in most cases it takes longer than that and 4 months is not too unusual here.  Good luck.

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Sore after vaginoplasty

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Thank you for your questions. It is not unusual to feel sore, especially the first few times having intercourse, after vaginoplasty. This usually improves with time and use. 
A few tricks that I use on my patients to improve some of the discomfort initially is to use a topical estrogen cream per vagina (prescription from your surgeon) that can soften the scar tissue and improve lubrication. Using plenty of lubrication can help, changing positions during intercourse so the trajectory of the penis isn't directly on the suture line, and starting scar massage to the internal scars when you are relaxed (example includes in the bathtub). 
It is also important if you haven't seen your surgeon recently, to discuss this with them. You may need dilators serially, especially since you are describing some discomfort at the opening of your vagina, and this may stretch some of the scar tissue. 
Best of luck and happy healing!
-Dr. Hustak

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Sore after vaginoplasty

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Dear KC:Thanks for sharing your postoperative experience.  I must tell you that your situation is not all that unusual... I realize very frustrating for you but not unusual.  It is difficult to say if this will work out on its own but the first steps usually is conservative.  i would encourage you to attempt intercourse or use a dilator which is progressive in size to try and stretch the area.   If after a few weeks if intercourse is progressively getting better then consider surgery to release the tight area of the vagina or introits ( i.e. vaginal opening). Most surgeons do NOT want to rush you back into surgery as they don't want to undo what they have done making the first surgery useless.  If you can be patient and attempt 1-2 times per week and see if there is a trend i.e. slowly improving then continue down this path.  If you don't see an improvement in 3-4 weeks or trending to be less painful then consider a revision.
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