What is the total cost of a tummy tuck?

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What is the total cost of a tummy tuck?

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Its very important see at least some photos yours, but the cost of Tummy Tuck is around 4,500 dollars. Good luck.

Dr. Marte.

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This answer changes depending on where you go and what procedure you specifically have done. The only way for an exact cost is to set up a consultation since cost varies from practice to practice and person to person. I would say you will be spending anywhere from $7,500-$9,500 for a tummy tuck based on your location, but this is just an estimate, I recommend scheduling a consultation with a local board certified plastic surgeon.

Craig W. Colville, MD, FACS
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Cost of a tummy tuck

It varies by region. Connecticut tends to be expensive, but Bridgeport not. The cost depends on the type of tummy tuck. Expect something between $5000 (mini) to $10,000 or more if more needs to be done than usual. Do not travel for your tummy tuck. Post-operative care is essential for a good recovery.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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