Will laser surgery help my hypertrophic scar under my nose after I received 3 kenalog injections? (Photos)

Jan 2015 I fell on my face I got a nasty laceration requiring a plastic surgeon to put in sutures some of my skin was missing during the injury so I never looked the same and feel insecure I just want to scar flattened to my natural look and that's what I been trying to do with scar gels and the steroid injections and I still have not gotten the look I desire, it's still raised and my insions lines are very visible, just want to know if laser surgery will help my scar flatten and be less visible

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Laser scar reduction

Sorry to hear about your fall. Lasers are a wonderful option to help reduce the appearance of your scar and often my go-to choice in treating scars of all types. I recommend you see a dermatologist with expertise and advanced training in lasers as having skin of color requires great experience.

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