i was just wondering if its possible to straighten my lateral teeth? And if it is, do i go with invisalign or braces? (Photo)

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Lateral Teeth

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Nice photos of your upper teeth!

The upper teeth should be able to be straightened using Invisalign or braces.There is quite a bit of teeth overlap, and, consequently, a fair amount of movement has to occur. That means a longer amount of time! That said, we can't see your lower teeth in the photos. So, we are giving you a partial answer based on the available information.

La Jolla Dentist

Great case for Invisalign

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You have very nice teeth! Good photos to evaluate, thanks. I would use Invisalign to expand your upper premolars and canines, and this would create space to move your lateral incisors into the arch.  This would also make it possible to rotate your central incisors and straighten them. You will end up with a broader, wider smile which is something most people desire.Select a dentist with a lot of experience using Invisalign.  I always recommend viewing pictures of cases that they have treated which are similar to yours before making a final decision.

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