Bridge Straightening and Widening, Elongate Nose Tip? (photo)

My nose does not appear symmetrical, the bridge is narrow and the tip is much wider. Is it possible to widen the bridge and make my nose appear more straight and symmetrical. It's difficult to breathe through my nose since it is so narrow, I typically breathe through my mouth which I've been told is not good. Would rhinoplasty increase my ability to breathe through my nose? From a prfile view, my nose seems like it is pushed up slightly, is it possible to elongate the tip what are possibilities?

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Improving function and appearance of nose

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To straighten the nasal bones osteotomies, will have to be performed.  Crookedness or concavity on the upper lateral cartilage is best addressed with spreader grafts, which may also improve the function of the nose.  The spreader grafts are harvested from the patient’s septal cartilage and inserted on the concaved side in the upper lateral cartilage area in the midthird of the nose.  If the nose has been broken in the past, resulting septal deviations should also be addressed.  Nasal obstruction can be due to a deviated septum, turbinate hypertrophy, or valve collapse (where the upper lateral cartilage is pushed into the airway).  It is possible to slightly push the nasal tip down to lengthen the nose by a few millimeters.  Symmetry of the nose is extremely important during the rhinoplasty procedure.

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Breathing issues

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Breasthing issues can be dues to anatomic obstruction from curvature of the septum,. weak internal valve, or external valve, as well as from enlarged turbinates. Allergies can also impact breathing. If an anatomic obstruciton occues this can often improve breathing but if it is allergic or some other issue it may not.  An exam would be helpful.

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Form And Function Of Your Nose Can Both Be Improved

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Great question, Kyle... Your difficulty breathing could be related to three common functional issues I see in my rhinoplasty practice: 1) a deviated septum, 2) narrow internal valves of the nose (vestibular stenosis), and 3) large inferior turbinates. Examination of the inside of your nose would help determine if one of these issues, or a combination of the three, is present. While your cosmetic concerns are addressed during your rhinoplasty, your septum could be straightened (septoplasty), your internal valves could be widened (spreader grafts) and your turbinates could be reduced (submucous resection). The advantage for you is that you can recover from these procedures at the same time and a large portion of your surgical cost may be offset by insurance. This is particularly true if you select a rhinoplasty specialist who is also in-network with your insurance company. 

Addition of spreader grafts to your nose can also widen the mid portion of the bridge, in the area which appears narrow on your nose. These spreader grafts can also be placed such that they lengthen and push down the tip of your nose (counter-rotation). Refinement of the nasal tip, should you desire this, can be achieved using suture techniques to reshape the lower lateral cartilages. During your consultation, computer imaging can be helpful to illustrate these changes and ensure that you and your doc are on the same page going into your surgery. 

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Dr. Mehta

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It is possible to widen the nose to create more symmetry and enhance the breathing through your nose.  The nose could also be elongated to bring your tip down on profile view.  Men's noses are different from women's, so men have different goals and desires when undergoing rhinoplasty surgery.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can best address your concerns to obtain the results you desire and please select carefully as you don't want to undergo revision surgery for something that could have been done right the first time.

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Bridge Straightening @ Widening

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Your bridge can be straightened  and/or made symmetrical with rhinoplasty surgery. Maintaining or improving nasal breathing is a very important part of a rhinoplasty, whether or not it is secondary to a narrow nose or some other problem such as a deviated septum. Your tip can be elongated, a problem we frequently see in revision rhinoplasty or noses like yours.  

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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