Bridge of Skin Formed at Lower Part of my Labia After Natural Birth. Is This Normal? (photo)

I had a natural birth 9 weeks ago. According to my gynae, no episiotomy was required and the tears were natural. Stitching was performed. Now i can see there's a bridge of skin formed at lower part of labia (not sure if the area is called labia). I experience pain during sex but pain seems to come from the inner wall of the front part of my vagina, not the bridge area. 1. Is this bridge/ stitch performed correctly? Is this normal? 2. Should I be worried about pain during sex?

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Introital band

Thank you for your question. The band of skin that you described is a Web formed by repairing a childbirth related laceration. I see these quite often following vaginal deliveries because gynecologists suture only the seperated skin and fail to fix the tissues under eat that also seperated. This Web called an introital band, causes significant pain, tearing, and bleeding during intercourse and can worsen over time. In my practice I often see patients that have suffered from this fir decades after having children and we're told that it looks normal.
Correcting this is relatively simple. I recommend seeking a Gynecologist or Urogynecologist with specialized training in Aesthetic vaginal surgery and sexual dysfunction  to insure a superior outcome.

Vulvar synechiae

Synechiae is a fancy word for scarring that web across two structures in the body. In this case, you have a synechia across the posterior forchette of the vulva.

This can be easily corrected with surgery. It may or may not be the cause of your dyspareunia (painful intercourse) but it is a small procedure and it certainly would be worth it to have it fixed! Hopefully you have already done that by now, as this post is 2 years old.

The question is whether it bothers you.

If it bothers you in any way it can be corrected under local anesthesia.  After surgery, you would have to refrain from sexual intercourse for at least three weeks in order for the area to heal.

Skin Bridge after Childbirth

   The issue of the skin bridge can be easily remedied surgically, but the pain during intercourse should be discussed with your OB/GYN.

Bridge of Skin Formed at Lower Part of my Labia After Natural Birth. Is This Normal? (photo)

You appear to have scar contracture across the posterior commissure of the labii in the area of the perineal tear sustained during childbirth.  This can be revised under local anesthesia by performing a Z-plasty or bilateral V to Y plasty type plastic surgical procedure.  Painful sex (dyspareunia) may be caused by a variety of situations, but as you suggest, is probably not the scar.  If it persists, your gynecologist should be consulted.

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