Will Bridge Reduction Help Restore Distance of Eyes After Rhinoplasty with Diced Rib Cartilage Wrapped in Fascia?

I had rhinoplasty in mid January 2013, I did not want the skin of my eyes to be stretched when the graft was placed. Dr said it will not happen. I had diced rib cartilage graft wrapped in fascia to correct my low bridge. After OP found out that height of the graft was 8 mm. It's too high, it changed the shape of eyes, is too close together and creates dark shadows. The graft feels curved making the nose crooked. Will reducing the bridge height restore the shape and increase distance of my eyes?

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2 Weeks after Dorsal Cartilage Graft in Rhinoplasty

        Dorsal cartilage graft in rhinoplasty after 2 weeks will likely appear too large in the immediate postoperative period.  I would definitely wait a few months before trying to decide about dorsal reduction.  Kenneth Hughes, MD  Los Angeles, CA

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Dear Yeskelly,

  • I would be patient and wait it out since you are only 2 weeks post-op
  • There will be changes to the nose that will improve the look
  • You should consider changes only after about 6 months, some of that cartilage will go away over time

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Nima Shemirani

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