Worried Bridge Will Lose Front View With Nose Job

Hi I am thinking about improving my nasal profile but I am scared because I have seen that in many cases the bridge looses its definition from the front view after the reduction and osteotomies. Do the surgeons have control over definition of the bridge in the front, or is it by chance weather your bridge looks defined after surgery?

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Definition of nasal bridge after nose job

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The bridge usually does not loose definition from the frontal view after osteotomies.  The osteotomies are performed to narrow the junction between the nose bones and the cheek down low on the nasal bridge.  Not at the top of the bridge.  This narrows the bridge and creates nice dorsal aesthetic lines.  Make sure you look at each surgeon’s before and after photo gallery upon prior to deciding who will operate on you.  

A beautiful profile should have 'dorsal aesthetic lines'

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A beautiful profile should have a beautiful frontal view with what we call "dorsal aesthetic lines". They should be balanced and in tune with one another. 

Yes the surgeon does have control over the bridge.  Just make sure you go to a surgeon who understands your concerns and who is experienced enough to be able to control them. 

If you would like an in-person consultation feel free to call my office.

Babak Azizzadeh, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Worried about look of bridge after Rhinoplasty.

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 I think it's in your best interest to take photos of what you like and don't like and have several rhinoplasty consultations.  Yes, Rhinoplasty surgeons have control but removing a nasal humpa nd breaking the bones inward to close that open space after hump removal will change the nasal bridge from the shape that you have right now.  That's the honest answer.

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Nasal definition after rhinoplasty

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The surgeon does have control over the bridge appearance and definition, by and large.  You'd need a consultation to be certain as without pictures or an exam, it's only possible to make a generic statement.  But, with modern open rhinoplasty including a careful dorsal reduction, and reconstruction of the doral line with spreader grafts via an open rhinoplesty, it should be your expectation that the nose will look well defined from the front, the three quarter and the side views.

Good luck!

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