Which treatment is the best for treating pigmentation which is possibly due to thickening skin due to dead cells?

I am looking into treatments(laser, cryotherapy and chemical peels) and I am wondering if I should be looking into treatments that treat the surface like pixel laser or that can reach deeper areas of the skin(e.g. Fraxel laser or stronger peels). Also, would it be possible/better to combine 2 treatments at the same time?

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Combination treatments possible.

Yes, I often combine two method, often with an erbium or co2 laser then a fractional laser to blend in the skin. The type of laser procedure will depend on your skin type and amount of background pigmentation. If severe, fully ablative lasers are use, if not, fractional. e.g. Fraxel 1927See video below for an idea of how we remove spots. 
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