Can the transplanted hair in my front be laser removed after a .7 or 1.0 mm hole and then fraxeled to look normal? (Photos)

Can my transplanted hair in the front of my head be removed and then Fraxeled enough for the skin to look normal without seeing the .7 or 1.0 mm holes? Has anybody done this and had success ? I have not enough donar hair to fill the back of my head and now I just want it to look like a normal bald head as my hair line recedes... So that way as I bald I don't have just hair in the front?

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Dear boipeba12:
I understand your concerns. I believe you can have laser hair removal to destroy the transplanted hairs, and then multiple Fraxel or Microneedling to smooth the scars, but I believe it would be difficult for anyone to guarantee that the scars will not longer be visible afterward.
Have you considered having injections with PRP, with or without Microneedling with PRP as well, to promote hair growth instead? It is not nearly as expensive as hair transplants, has no limitation to treatment such as running out of donor hair follicles, and could be performed on any area of the scalp now or in the future to promote more hair growth as you need it.
All the best,Dr. Clark

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