i had sex within that time frame of 48 hrs after Mona Lisa treatment.. Dose that effect the treatment outcome?

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Sex after laser

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Although we tell our patients to avoid intercourse for 2 days following the laser, i see no reason for you to worry abut having intercourse sooner.  I cannot see that it would cause any damage to you or delay results .

MonaLisa post treatment intercourse

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No worries! The treatment will still work even if you have had sex in the first 48 hours. We recommend holding off at least the first 48 hours to prevent any irritations, however. 

How soon can you have sex after MonaLisa Touch?

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Don't worry.  I tell my patients to abstain from intercourse for 48 hours after a treatment with the MonaLisa Touch.  Some patients wait longer if they are experiencing bleeding or irritation.  Your results shouldn't be effected at all by having intercourse too soon as your body is healing from the inside out.

Sexual intercourse after laser vaginal rejuvenation

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I typically recommend avoiding intercourse for 24 to 48 hours after laser vaginal rejuvenation to avoid discomfort or irritation.  The results of the treatment, however, will not be compromised.  The laser creates very closely spaced wounds in the vaginal lining, 0.5 to 2.0 mm apart, that stimulate the rejuvenative process.  Don't worry!

Sex after Mona Lisa

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The results of the MonaLisa Touch treatment will not suffer by having intercourse within 48 hours.  The main reason for recommending abstinence for at least 2 days is to allow healing after the treatment and to avert symptoms of vaginal irritation that may occur.

Mary C. DuPont, MD, FACS
Chevy Chase Physician

How soon can you have sex after the MonaLisa Touch vaginal laser

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I tell my patients to abstain for 48 hours.  Some patients wait longer if they are experiencing vaginal bleeding or irritation.  You probably have not hurt anything by engaging in intercourse, as the laser therapy that has been performed on your vagina results in tissue injury that  is now healing from the inside out.

Sex too soon after Mona Lisa or FemiLift. What happens?

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Nothing bad happens if you have sex immediately after Mona Lisa or FemiLift. The laser works by stimulating collagen formation and this happens regardless of whether you can follow directions or not. The recommendation to avoid sex for three days after CO2 laser vaginal resurfacing came from an observation in the first published study in 2009 that some women had a mild inflammatory reaction within the first 72 hours. The author is a friend of mine and I reviewed the paper in detail before it was published. These were women being treated for vaginal atrophy, the laser was an early prototype, and the energy settings hadn't been perfected. There is a theoretical concern that having sex too soon might increase the chance for a vaginal infection, but it's theoretical. Check out the original article (Gaspar 2011) in the references on the article that I've linked below:

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