Nipples Appear Lost After Breast Reduction

i had a brest reduction and it looks like i have no nipples. is there anything i can use to help it - oil cream or something? i've looked at a lot of the before and after pics and they all have a nipple still. is there anything i can do to make mine look like i have them?

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Nipples gone after breast reduction

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Where have your nipple gone?  Do you mean that they have retracted a bit after the reduction?  Sometimes this can happen but it usually gets better with time. This can also be corrected in most cases.

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Where have my nipples gone after breast reduction?

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This is quite perplexing and may be due to retraction of the breast ducts causing the nipples to become inverted. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

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Breast reduction

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They should be distinct and should become more prominent as the swelling decreases. As your plastic surgeon also.

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Breast Reduction and Nipples

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Without seeing your pictures, it is hard to know what you are describing.  It is not unusual for the nipples to appear flatter after a breast reduction.  Usually this is not a permanent thing, and should return to normal with time.  Just be patient, give it a few months, and things should be coming back to normal.

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