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My bone graft surgery was done on my upper left tooth right next to my big tooth. The bone was taken from my lower left jaw.

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Complications after implant surgery

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The numbness and sensations you are expetiencing in the lower jaw could be because of some damage to the nerve in this area. 
Usually this will go away withing 6 months post surgery. You need to monitor your healing and see if it is getting better or no change .....
controversial, but Vit B 12 ( or take a B complex) and hypercium from health food store might help with nerve regeneration. 

The Vertigo You are feeling , and the fullness in your sinus has to do with how close the implant is to the sinus cavity 
was the implant placed in conjunction with a sinus lift ( bump) ? Sometimes a mallet is used to fracture the bone under the sinus and to lift it for an implant placement. Some patients experience vertigo and ringing in the ear.   
Sinus fullness cold be the result of infection or buildup of some mucous in the sinus. You can get a CT scan to rule out sinus pathology. 

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please describe your question in detail. we answer many questions, so its very difficult to recall that question.

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