Is There a Procedure to Enhance the Puffiness of my Vaginal Lips? (photo)

ive had 5 vag births and my muscle tone gspot everything is fine barely ripped one stitch..everything is fine to me i still have great orgasms w my great man lol.. but im just not likeing the tissue thinning in the area. is there a procedure to enhance the vaginal lips as is the face it pretty much the same ? how much woudl the cost be? thank you in advance :0)

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Vaginal lips

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include out and inner lips... outer lips can certainly be plumped up with fat grafting or dermal fillers and even trimmed if excessive loose.  Inner lips can be diminished in length but its hard to imagine the inner lips being too 'thin'.  Best for you to see a local PS and have your concerns listened to and an exam done to see just what you are talking about.

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Fuller labia with fat

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This is a common complaint and as my colleagues have stated, the best treatment would be fat injections.

The fat is removed from the abdomen or the hip areas and then cleansed, processed and injected into the labia majora.  If there is distortion of the labia minora due to childbirth, that can be treated at the same time.

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Vaginal lips thinning

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I do not know if you are complaining about thinning of your labia minora or majora.  I suggest you send photos of your vaginal opening and be specific as to the area of your complaints.  The outer lips can be puffed up, usually with fat injections.

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Fat Grafting For the Labia

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This is a great question as fat has allowed us as surgeons to do so much more for patients. Initially vaginal rejuvenation was limited to treatment of the labia minora and patients were extremely happy with the results. However this does not address the issue of the labia majora especially in patients that are older or after pregnancy.

The fat allows your surgeon to replace the fat that is lost in that area giving you a more natural and youthful appearance. The benefit of fat is that is your own natural tissue. No foreign material has to be injected for the augmentation. The fat will also last for years to come. Many patients also see that after the fat injection they have an improvement in their skin quality in the area.

It is important to discuss this with your board certified plastic surgeon.

Fuller labia

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It is hard to know what your specific concerns are in the absence of a photo, but, that being said, it is possible to perform fat injections to the labia majora.  Best of luck.

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