Filling my vagina lips, breast gummy implants & restylane for lips same date? (photo)

(some didnt know what i mean) so i guess here goes photos lol) i want my outer lips thickened, permenantly filled with (?) nothing else im very happy with my vaj so is my man... i enjoy looking at women so i can say i like a puffier vaj and when do the back shot it looks like thin lips. what are my options; typically costs? and i am in long island NY FYI my dr is doing 1syringe of restylane on my facial lips and says my breasts are perfect and no need for lift he said it would be a home run :0)

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Breast surgrery and vaginal rejuvenation

Depending upon what you need, vaginal rejuvenation to fill our the labia majora is possible. Sometimes this is done with your own fat, but fat does not take 100%. As for your breasts, implants are certaily an option if you want to go larger. An exam in person is really essential. Discussion in person regarding the type of implants is important as well. Good luck!

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