9 months ago I had a tummy tuck got blood clots almost died.

I am a size 7 in the mourning a size 20 by 3:00 i eat one boiled egg in the mourning and a salad around 3:00 I walk ride horses and bike after exercise I am more swollen I rode a bicycle across the Golden Gate Bridge both ways and when I was done I was fat same with walking up California street, Powell and lombard this makes no since I live in Bremerton wa go to Seattle daily by fairy and walking and I am still very swollen help me some one thanks I have had Mri and show no water something is wrong

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Swelling after TT

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Hello and thanks for posting your experience. It's hard to fully understand what is going on based on your description. I would recommend speaking with your plastic surgeon or PCP about the swelling you are experiencing. You may document the degree of swelling with photographs before and after and measurements of the areas you have the most significant changes with.
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You need to schedule a visit with your primary physican

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and take photos of your claims of a size 7 to a size 20... as I simply cannot appreciate that much of a change.  Your doctor will have to check you for many potential issues and only an exam and through history will help you find out what is happening.  You can also take circumferential measurements of your thighs, tummy, and arms to help document the changes you feel are happening.

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