I have bilateral silicone ruptures. 27 yrs old - one is leaking into my right armpit?

The right side is worse because it has excapsulated itself. what should i make certain is done before any new implants are placed. what unique things should i make certain these surgeons know about retrieving all of the left over silicone as possible? i'm in Breckrenridge Colorado, so there's got to be great plastic guys and gals around here....what/who should i see, what do i do? i've had them 27 yrs., thanks, iva

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Leakage of silicone implants

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Hi ivaheath,    First , don't panic! Many women have leakage of their implants and are unaware of it. That is not to say that you should ignore this, but often those women with leaking implants are not having a major health problem.   You really need to see a plastic surgeon in person to go over your options. Be sure to have any radiology test reports when you visit a potential surgeon. You will need a surgery to remove the leaking implants, but you have the time to visit a surgeon and discuss your options calmly. Do you want them replaced? Do you want to stay the same size? Are you in good health to have a surgery?  There are many good surgeons in the Denver area who perform this type of surgery. I am not sure who is near Breckenridge. Hope this helps a bit.BestDr. Christine Rodgers


Evaluating Leaking Silicone Implants

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While pre-operative imaging (ultrasound, MRI) can be helpful in making the diagnosis of a leak, the evaluation of the extent of the leak can best be accomplished during surgery.Seek the consultation of a plastic surgeon Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and who is quite experienced in removing leaking implants; the surgeon will know how to perform the procedure to maximize removal of any leaked silicone gel. Most likely, the surgeon will remove all of the old capsules, before placing the new implants.Much has changed in implant technology, as well as techniques, be prepared to be educated about the new implant choices.Make sure you feel comfortable with the surgeon and their staff, the people who will be caring for you during and after surgery.Bring your implant and surgery records, if you have them.

Paul C. Zwiebel, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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